Academic Year 2018/2019

Note from Dr Youssef Travaly
AIMS Senegal President

Welcome to AIMS Senegal – the second Centre of Excellence to be created under the framework of the Next Einstein Initiative! We are excited to welcome yet another Cohort of brilliant African minds in our quest to find the Next Einstein.

At AIMS Senegal, our mission is twofold:

(1) To foster in our students critical thinking, scientific and technology-based learning as well as active engagement with civil society and industry;

(2) To enable recent African postgraduates (PhD and Post-Doc researchers) to do cutting-edge research in mathematics and its applications.

As you commence your journey as AIMS Senegal students, you have automatically become Ambassadors of AIMS. We urge you to leverage on the unique education you will receive at this institution to become worthy Ambassadors. It is your responsibility to emerge as problem solvers and leaders, with a commitment to give-back to your communities.

Get to know each other, ask questions and transform your environment by finding ingenious solutions to those things that nag you – think outside the box! You will have the opportunity to interact with renowned Professors, Scientists and Tutors from all over the world; you will get to meet leaders of ground breaking companies and organizations; you will get the chance to convince the little ones, that STEM is the future of Africa and the entire globe – endeavour to explore each and every one of these opportunities to the fullest.

Our training will equip you with the necessary academic knowledge, soft skills and competencies – but your networking will afford you the necessary visibility and open doors to unfathomable opportunities. We are giving you a clean slate – here is your chance to write a life-changing story. Good luck!

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