About AIMS Senegal

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences AIMS-Senegal has been founded by the partnership of Vincent Rivasseau and Mamadou Sanghare supported by Neil Turok’s Next Einstein Initiative.

AIMS-Senegal is a new pan-African institute for post-graduate training and research in mathematical sciences opened on September 2011 in MBour and includes a newly research centre. As part of the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS-NEI), AIMS-Senegal implements the AIMS-model to build an international centre of excellence in the mathematical sciences.


AIMS-Senegal now hosts a vibrant research centre, staffed by a combination of eminent and emerging African researchers interacting with the international community, the student body and the Senegalese scientific community in their academic pursuits. This research centre will stimulate research activities in Sénégal and help to keep African scientists in Africa. With this view, AIMS-Senegal is an opportunity for Senegal to build an international centre of excellence in mathematics and enable Senegal to take a leadership position in African science. Moreover, through its facilities, academic partnerships, scientific output, reputation and pan-African make-up, AIMS-Senegal has the potential to bring Senegal to the forefront of African science.

Based in MBour, the AIMS-Senegal campus is located in a seaside nature reserve with modern eco-architecture, inspiring views and space for many students and researchers, providing them with all the infrastructure and facilities required to be an international centre of excellence.

The AIMS Model

The AIMS model is unique in its pan-African focus, broad curriculum, focus on independent critical thinking, inclusion of modern computational techniques and research components. AIMS identifies top African graduates and provides them with a world-class education in mathematical sciences, enabling them to pursue careers in research, industry and government. Students benefit from full bursary support, continuous access to computing, internet and electricity, close interaction with full-time tutors and professors and a bi-lingual education. Endorsed by NEPAD, the African Union and TED as An idea big enough to change the world, this model has been refined and proven at the AIMS centre in Cape Town, South Africa, since 2003 with 308 AIMS graduates gone onto careers all over Africa, as researchers, teachers, epidemiologists, business people, financial modellers, over 105 having completed (or studying towards) PhDs and over 75% still in Africa today.

Why AIMS-Senegal

Africa desperately needs development. Science and technology are two powerful forces for progress in global society and the global economy. If Africa is to benefit fully from these forces it must build a strong indigenous capacity in both.

Africa’s greatest resource is its people. There can be no more effective investment in Africa’s future than in education, empowering talented young people to contribute to their countries’ development.

Mathematics underpins most of modern life – information and communication technology, genetics, medicine, finance, demographics and planning. Without mathematical training Africans will be unable to access the full power of new technologies to solve their countries’ problems.

Through its graduate programme and public outreach activities, AIMS-Senegal and the AIMS network of institutes will act as a beacon, influencing choices at school and university level and drawing bright young Africans into mathematical and scientific careers.

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